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About Us

What does Aedos Marketing do?

Aedos Marketing Concepts Inc. is an outsourced sales and direct marketing company.

We specialize in three key areas:

Customer acquisition and retention: Fortune 500 companies hire Aedos to sell to their current and future customer base (business or consumer).
Leadership and strategic consultation for our network of offices nationally.
Coaching and developing young business people to become future leaders in our industry.

How do we execute a campaign?

About Us

Fortune 500 companies have a competitive nature and due to that reason there is high turnover of customers. Our clients look for an edge in advertising. There are too many TV commercials, radio ads, direct mail, print media and telemarketers trying to grab people’s attention. We believe the power of a personal, live presentation is the most effective way to acquire and retain customers.

We introduce ourselves to various consumers and business owners, on behalf of our clients, to establish relationships with the decision maker. This enables us to educate them on any change in our client’s industry, sell various services and personally thank customers for their business.

What do clients require from Aedos?

To acquire profitable customers.
Have minimal customer complaints.
To enhance the name and brand of the company we represent.

Who are Aedos clients?

We work with major telecommunication, merchant processing and energy clients in Canada. Due to privacy and protection, we do not advertise the names of our clients on our website.

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