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Why People Won't Buy

I want to talk about success. What it means to you, how you define it and most importantly how you achieve it.

Tony Robbins; entrepreneur, author and peak performance strategist speaks about success in one of his Power Talk! Series’ – ‘A Decision to Ensure Success’. He was named one of the top 200 Business Gurus by Harvard Business School Press in 2003 and has consulted with CEOs, royalty and armed services all over the world. So he really knows what he’s talking about.

Robbins talks about success being defined as a consistent growth in achievements that improve the quality of your life. These break down into 5 areas:

    Emotional life
    Physical body

Everyone will have a different idea about what success means to them in these key areas. For some it might be creating the time to take up a new hobby for a more successful work/life balance, re-training to get a better job to improve financial security or making more effort with a spouse to create a stronger relationship.

The key here is consistent growth. Make small changes every day to improve those 5 areas and those changes build into something much bigger.

But in order to make those changes, we have to raise our standards for our own lives. Not only raise our standards, but believe that you can achieve the higher standard you set.

It sounds simple in theory, and it is. But by making small changes every single day and looking to improve upon the day before, in a short space of time you’ll be able to see results.

That’s an important mentality to have in business. To every day strive to do just that little bit better, to never be satisfied with simply reaching a target, or achieving customer satisfaction, but to reach it and surpass it. Bit by bit, day by day. Continually growing and improving. Consistently surpassing even the highest standards for ourselves and our customers. That’s success.

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